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Beer Sales At Alumni Stadium: Ranking The Options

Real Ale Enthusiasts Attend CAMRA Great British Beer Festival Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

With news breaking today that beer and wine will be sold at football games at Alumni Stadium, I have been tasked with ranking the beers that should be sold at the games. Now, I have been ripped on in the past for being a bit of a beer snob, and definitely lean more towards craft beers than the staples, so today I am going to break this down into categories. The Staples will be the usual suspects, beers that are made by the big companies and are probably the biggest sellers in the country. The Bigger Locals will still be larger breweries, but more regional to this area. And finally the craft beers, the smaller lesser known breweries that are more a hidden jewel. Well, here are my rankings.

(editors note: I tried to stay away from going IPA heavy, and give a large selection of different types of beers that people usually enjoy).

The Bigger Locals

5. Sam Adams Summer: BC has a few games before “fall season” hits, and when we inevitably get one of those 90 degree games where it’s hotter than hell, this would be a nice lighter option.

4. Shipyard Pumpkinhead: After the heat dies down, and the leaves begin to change this is a very popular beer that would be a hit. Not necessarily my favorite, but I can still appreciate it. Extra points if they do the sugar on the rim for the ladies.

3. Sam Adams Octoberfest: More seasonal beer, and probably an easy one to get on tap, decent taste and a good fall beer.

2. Harpoon IPA. Just an all around solid IPA that most people will appreciate. Brewed over in the Seaport District.

1. Sam Adams Lager: This is a no brainer. Not heavy on the alcohol like an IPA, and a Boston staple. Can’t miss here.

The Craft Beers (only went local for this one)

5. Lynn Light: Bent Water Brewing Company: Wanted to put a light beer made locally, and this one has to be one of my favorites. Brewed in Lynn (don’t judge it based on the town), easily drinkable from an up and coming micro.

4. Summer of Lager: Cisco Brewing. Again tried for something a little different and not so heavy on the IPAs. Cisco is a fantastic brewery located on Nantucket, and their Whale’s Tale and IPA are out of this world, but for a summer beer the Summer of Lager is another great option.

3. Ipswich Ale- Ipswich Brewing Company. You can find this on tap all over Boston, it’s not huge but it’s getting there. Smooth, dark and refreshing.

2. Whirlpool- Night Shift. If you haven’t had a chance to get to Everett to check out Night Shift I highly recommend it. Pale Ale’s have some of the hops of the IPA but won’t kill you with a high APV.

  1. Literally anything by Trillium: The crown jewel of Boston breweries, Trillium is out of this world. They just opened a beer garden in Boston (which I highly recommend) and their beer is some of the most sought after in the city. Want to get people to the game who are beer snobs? Sell some Trillium.


5,678,900. Miller Light: Just an awful beer, even by light beer standards.

5. Yuengling: I have been ripped for comparing it to burnt hair, but hey to each their own. It’s got a little more body than the light beers, and still is better than Miller Light.

4. Busch Light: Very crushable and gives all the collegiate nostalgic feels.

3.Guinness: Irish beer at an Irish school? Yes please.

2. Coors Light: Another solid light beer, real smooth for what it is.

1.Bud Light: Look even as a beer snob who really doesn’t drink this, I get the allure of it and the need to have it on tap. Hot day, you want to drink a few, nothing beats a good light beer. And you need to have this on draft as it most likely will be the biggest seller in the stadium.

(just missing: Blue Moon)