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Boston College Announces Fan Council

It was also announced that BC will be forming a secondary fan council for winter sports

Gasson Hall

Earlier this summer, Martin Jarmond announced his intent to form a fan council to help improve the game day experience for fans at Boston College games, particularly football. Today, Boston College announced the names of the 21 members that will make up the fan council, in addition to announcing intentions for a secondary fan council that will focus on winter sports. The secondary fan council will be comprised of individuals that had applied to be on the initial fan council.

The 2017-18 fan council is made up of donors, season ticket holders, former student-athletes, current students, local community members, and other fans.

This year’s fan council is made up of the following individuals: Brett Burns, Michael Conway, Hailey Corcoran, Kim Desto, Catherine Dillon, David Dripchak, Sadiq Ervin, Bill Ferguson, Kim Gerard, Scott Heslin, Chuck Keefe, Hailey Kobza, Travis Looker, Daniel Macchio, Barry Mitchell Jr., Richard Reynolds, Jay Salamone, Pamela Shalvoy, Alexa Squitieri, Jane Stanton, and Anne Woodbury.

The fan council cannot be expect to immediately solve all of the issues with BC’s game day experience, but making sure that Jarmond and his staff are hearing from a variety of fans is a good start.