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BCI Hall Of Fame Inductee: Quarterback Doug Flutie

A legend.

USC v Boston College Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images

There is one player that defines Boston College football. While Matt Ryan, Mark Herzlich and others have made their mark, there is one player that comes up when you bring up the Eagles. That is Doug Flutie. Flutie was the winner of our reader poll, but would have been inducted either way.

He is a college football icon, not just at our school, but for the sport in general. When you say “Doug Flutie” there is one image, one play, that defines him, and for many defines the sport:

Over thirty years later, and it still gives me chills. But it wasn’t just that play that made Doug Flutie special. His years at Boston College put the Eagles on the National map, whether it was winning the Heisman, the Cotton Bowl, beating Alabama, or forcing games to be moved to Foxborough so that more fans could watch the games, he truly was special. He is one of two players that has his actual number retired at Alumni Stadium (the other being Mike Ruth).

Doug Flutie finished his career at Boston College with statistics that may never be broken at our school including amassing over 10,000 yards in passing and 67 touchdowns. But along with that he brought a character that all other BC players would be measured against. A kid that no one imagined would be a superstar, who against all odds became a legend, someone that to this day fans talk about, and have to get their pictures taken near the statue making that iconic throwing motion.

In our 1st Hall of Fame Class, Doug Flutie had to be inducted. He is arguably the most important athlete in Boston College history. Congratulations Doug, thank you for everything you did and everything you continue to do for Boston College.