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BC Interruption Hall of Fame Class of 2017: Rev. J. Donald Monan and William J. Flynn

The first inductees helped to make BC what it is today.

Alumni Stadium

This week, we will be unveiling the Inaugural BC Interruption Hall of Fame Class. This year’s honorees will consistent of 7 people selected by our senior staff writers and the 1 winner of the fan vote. In order to be eligible for the BCI Hall of Fame, one must have contributed to BC in valuable way and must no longer be playing/working for the Eagles.

Our first inductees are sharing a post because of how they worked together to turn BC into the school is is today. They are Rev. J. Donald Monan and William J. Flynn.

Father Monan was the President of Boston College from 1972-1996. When Monan began at BC, it was a commuter school that was millions of dollars in debt. He turned BC into an internationally respected university with a $500 million dollar plus endowment. As the longest serving President in BC history, Father Monan made just as much of an impact on athletics as he did on academics. Conte Forum and an Alumni Stadium expansion were both built during Father Monan’s presidency, and he was a familiar face at Kelley Rink until the end of his life. Father Monan was also known for encouraging athletes to take their studies just as seriously as practice, helping BC to become known for high athlete graduation rates.

William J. Flynn was BC’s Athletic Director from 1957-1990. Like Monan, he was committed to balancing athletics and academics, and he founded the Office of Learning Resources for Student Athletes at BC. With Monan’s support, Flynn was also instrumental in getting Conte Forum, Alumni Stadium, and the Flynn Rec Plex built. Prior to Monan’s hiring, Flynn also saw to the construction of the hockey and basketball building preceding Conte (McHugh Forum and Roberts Center), as well as a new baseball field. Between 1972 and 1985, Flynn expanded the number of varsity women’s programs from 4 to 15, many of which have become some of BC’s most successful programs. Flynn was also a BC alumnus, played 3 sports for the Eagles, and earned the distinction of being the first BC hockey player to score 20 goals in a season. He was also the captain of the 1938 BC football team.

Without Father Monan and William Flynn’s dedication to Boston College Athletics and to helping athletes succeed on the field and in the classroom, BC would be a completely different school today. That is why they are the first inductees into the BCI Hall of Fame.