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Boston College Opens Summer Football Camp: Five Biggest Storylines To Watch

What to watch for this summer as BC opens camp.

Via and Their Twitter Page.

Boston College football opened their camp today, as they look to improve on their 7-6 record in 2016 and build on their Quick Lane Bowl Victory over Maryland. With the Eagles taking the field, let’s look at some of the most important storylines during the summer.

1. The QB “Competition”: Let’s get it out there right now, I believe that Darius Wade will be the starting quarterback in 2017. He looked much more game ready than Anthony Brown during the spring game, and has more experience and time in the system. That being said, never say never, what happens if Anthony Brown goes into summer camp and just blows the doors off the place? Would Steve Addazio be pushed into a position where he would have to choose Brown over Wade? Again, I don’t believe this will happen, but it is certainly worth watching. Also, they may be a few years away but it will be interesting to see how E.J. Perry, Tate Haynes and Matt McDonald all true freshman do this camp.

2. Offensive Line Cohesion: While most of the line from 2016 is returning, there were two big changes. One, Jimmy Lowrery, who struggled last season, has graduated, and Elijah Johnson a freshman tackle, is out indefinitely with what sounds like a knee injury. Addazio brought in Marcel Lazard from West Virginia in the offseason to give some experience to the line, but who will be the final piece? Chris Lindstrom, Jon Baker, and most likely Aaron Monteiro will be starters again, but could positions be shuffled? Who will be the 5th offensive lineman? Shane Leonard? Anthony Palozzolo? Wyatt Knopfke? John Phillips? These are going to be questions to watch as camp progresses.

3. The Effects Of Injuries: Not saying that we need to watch out for injuries, unfortunately that happens, but the bigger issue are players who were hurt returning to the field. First, Jon Baker, it sounds like he is going to be 100%, but again worth watching as he re-acclimates to the field. Second, wide receiver Chris Garrison who went down with a gruesome leg injury against Buffalo last season. Will he be ready to go, as he is a weapon that could take BC’s offense to the next level.

4. And The Obligatory: Kicking game. Is Mike Knoll or Colton Lichtenberg ready to be the everyday kicker and hit those intermediate to long kicks with some consistency?

5. Position Changes: Every summer it happens, a player is moved to a new position, most likely something they played in high school. Last year it was Davon Jones moving to running back, and Jeff Smith and Troy Flutie moving to wide receiver. What surprises will be in store this summer?