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The Other Side Of The Coin: What Is The Worst Case Scenario For BC Football In 2017

What if things go horribly wrong?

Quick Lane Bowl - Boston College v Maryland Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

There are three schools of thought when it comes to predicting how the 2017 season is going to go for the Eagles. There are the optimists, who believe that Boston College is going in the right direction and believing in Steve Addazio. There are the pessimists, those who think all the positivity is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors and that what we will see is actually more like 2015 or some of the games in 2016. Then there are those who fall in the middle.

Yesterday we looked at the best case scenario, today what happens if everything falls apart?. What could Boston College realistically do in a worst case scenario in 2017? What happens if Darius Wade isn’t the answer, or if the offensive line still is a mess, and this addition of tempo to the offense is a disaster? Time to take a look, at a pessimists wet dream.

(editors note: Just like yesterday’s lay out, this isn’t my prediction for the season, this is what could happen if the wheels fall off. Don’t pin this to a bulletin board, accuse me of being a “hater” or whatever.)

Lose to NIU (0-1): Currently Boston College is the underdog in this game, so it’s not that far fetched a scenario. What if the offense comes out looking like hot garbage and NIU scores a few points to start the game off, and the NIU crowd gets into it? Trap game written all over it.

Lose to Wake Forest (0-2): No matter how you feel this game is going to go, BC and Wake has been a coin flip the past two years. The way both teams are heading it could be that way again this season. Just takes a play or two and all of a sudden the Eagles are in MAJOR trouble this season.

Lose to Notre Dame (0-3): BC hasn’t beaten Notre Dame since Jimmy Claussen was the quarterback and Charlie Weis was the coach. On one hand they could still be a mess after last year’s 4-8 showing, but on the other they may be motivated. ND continues to bring in excellent recruiting classes, and that much talent can only play poorly for that long, especially with Brian Kelly playing for his job.

Lose to Clemson (0-4): In yesterday’s “optimistic” layout I didn’t have BC winning this game, but hopefully keeping it close, for this one, let’s just say that it’s the 2016 game all over again.

Defeat Central Michigan (1-4): Home game, even against Central Michigan, BC is going to win this one. But in the worst of worlds, the stadium is now even emptier than before and no one seems to care.

Lose to Virginia Tech (1-5): If BC’s wheels are falling off, this is the perfect game for things to completely become unhinged. A massive loss at home, and the calls for a coaching change start to rise.

Lose to Louisville (1-6): Blown out again. If the year is going sour, this would probably be three games out of four that the Eagles would have been blown out.

Defeat Virginia (2-6): Even in a worst case scenario, I see BC winning this game. This could be the “2012 Maryland” game in a tough season.

Lose to Florida State (2-7): The Eagles are eliminated from bowl contention as the Seminoles lay waste to Steve Addazio’s crew. At this point, things have gotten very ugly.

Lose To NC State (2-8): We learn that for the first time in the history of college football that NC State is indeed the dark horse team in the ACC.

STILL BLOW THE DOORS OFF UCONN (3-8): UConn walks into Fenway Park feeling cocky because BC is a mess, yet they still get pummeled by the Eagles in a home game.

Lose to Syracuse (3-9): Dino Baber’s vaunted high octane offense is too much for BC’s defense, who at this point look disinterested. The season ends with a wimper as BC goes to the Carrier Dome and lets up 40+ points.

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