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ACC Football Coaches As Game Of Thrones Characters

Valar Morghulis!

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

With the ACC Kickoff happening this week, the ACC football coaches were front and center. We all got to hear what they had to say about the upcoming season, and how they view their teams. This Sunday, HBO’s Game of Thrones will have it’s season premier, and what better way to combine the two then to find pairings between the coaches and characters on the show. And I left off Larry Fedora and Dave Clawson because honestly I couldn’t figure out a comparison. If you have a good one leave it in the comments.

Steve Addazio/BC: Stannis Baratheon. He does things the old fashioned way with some success, but will his kingdom collapse when he trusts the magic of a witch (tempo offense)?

Bobby Petrino/Louisville: Oberyn Martell. Both love quickness, but in the end when they face the conference juggernaut they get their head caved in. Also both have a kinky side that I’m not getting into because this blog is PG-13.

Dino Babers/Syracuse: Arya Stark. No one really fears her, but she has a lightning quick attack that can catch anyone off guard. Relies on speed and deception.

Jimbo Fisher/FSU: Cersei Lannister. Yes some others may claim a victory here and there, but in the end it’s Cersei who is laying in the weeds, waiting for that power move that just shows everyone who truly is boss.

David Cutcliffe/Duke: The Hound. A secondary character to start, just like Duke Football, his power and cunning have brought him to the forefront of the battle. And even though he is the coach of freaking Duke, it’s still hard to hate him, just like the Hound.

Paul Johnson/GT: Lady Melisandre. Has survived for years through trickery and misdirection, has come close to the top numerous times but their sorcery never is enough.

Justin Fuentes/VT: Tywin Lannister For long periods of time it will seem like Tywin is in charge, but what we find out in the end is that even though he is powerful, he is no match for Cersei.

Bronco Mendenhall/UVA: Gendry: Kind of an ancillary character, you forget that they exist until they show up and you end being like “oh cool, I forgot that they were still here!”

Pat Narduzzi/Pitt: Jon Snow. ALL HAIL THE KING OF THE NORTH!

Dave Doeren: Rob Stark. It seems like at the beginning of the show that they will be the power, and the leader, and while they may win a battle, when push comes to shove, they get slaughtered in a hail of swords and arrows.

Dabo Swinney: Daenerys Targaryen. Started with a small group, Dabo has risen quickly and has gained quite the army through his elite recruiting classes. Could be the most powerful ruler in all the land.

Bonus: Brian Kelly: The King Beyond The Wall. He rules by doing whatever he wants, no rules of the mortals/ACC effect him, but he must be stopped at all costs.