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Your ACC Kickoff 2017 Steve Addazio Press Conference Drinking Game

Let’s have a little fun eh?

Boston College v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Tomorrow is the opening of the ACC Kickoff, and as part of the event Boston College head coach Steve Addazio will be holding a press conference, just like every other coach. If you are expecting something mind blowing, I have news for you, these press conferences are not all that exciting, they are filled with generic coaching cliches, buzz words, and the usual talking points we hear year after year. And this isn’t to bash Addazio, all coaches do this it’s just par for the job and it’s certainly not his fault.

But to have a little fun, let’s make this into a game. Grab yourself a beer, a glass of wine, scotch (if you want to be hospitalized) or play it safe with some water, and try this year’s drinking game.


  • Addazio talks about the “explosiveness” of a player, double your drink if that person is either Jeff Smith or Michael Walker
  • Addazio mentions an improvement he saw since last fall, double your drink if he talks about how important the bowl practices were for the team
  • Addazio brings up a player being a “dude”
  • Addazio mentions how he excited he is about Darius Wade. Double your drink if he says something similar about Anthony Brown. Finish your drink if he actually commits to a starter during this press conference.
  • Addazio mentions the new “tempo” offense that Scot Loeffler is trying out.

(Bonus: Drink two if he then immediately talks about how they will always be a pound it out team)

  • Addazio brings up Harold Landry’s return and how he wanted to be an Eagle this year instead of in the NFL


  • Addazio talks about how BC needs to be a “physical” team, or that they need to “grind it out”
  • When Addazio says the goal for this season is to be bowl eligible, but the longer term goal is to win the ACC
  • Addazio brings up that the team is finally “all his guys”, or talks about his five year plan for the program
  • Addazio mentions the “throw game” (h/t @hoyaeagle)


  • Addazio talks about how difficult it is to play in the ACC

Bonus: Finish your drink if he mentions that Clemson/FSU have won National Titles and Lamar Jackson won the Heisman

  • Addazio mentions how young his teams have been in the past, double your drink if he mentions that this year they aren’t young, then finish your drink if he somehow manages to find a way to still say they are young.


  • Addazio mentions three bowls in four years

Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments.