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It’s Really Happening - Construction is Underway on Boston College Baseball’s New Stadium

After over a decade of waiting, it’s finally happening

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In case you thought it was all a dream, we finally have confirmation: construction on the new baseball stadium on Brighton Campus, which has been in the works for over a decade, is finally underway. Ground was actually broken on the facility in late March, and now, nearly three months later, construction is well underway. Work is not only being done on Brighton Campus, but also over at (the former) Shea Field, as yesterday the old dugouts where knocked down in a first step toward building the football program’s new indoor practice facility on that land.

The addition of a new stadium is huge for the baseball program. For too long, the Eagles have played with what were once described as the “worst facilities in division I,” and are finally joining their ACC compatriots with new digs. As noted in previous posts, the new stadium will have a positive impact not only on the current team with its state of the art field turf, chairback seating, press box, etc. but also for future teams, as the facility will surely help in the recruiting game, hopefully resulting in more post season runs for BC.

No need to pinch yourselves, folks. It’s really happening.

Follow along with the construction on Brighton with BC’s webcam service.