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Help us select the inaugural BC Interruption Hall of Fame class!

Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll be unveiling our first HOF class.

Gasson Hall

This summer, we’re starting a new feature: the BC Interruption Hall of Fame. We’ll be selecting most of the member of the inaugural HOF class ourselves, but we want your input too. Each year, one honoree will be selected by you, the readers.

To be eligible for the BCI Hall of Fame, someone must a) have contributed to Boston College Athletics in some way and b) no longer be playing/working for Boston College. Inductees can be former players, coaches, or employees.

Please use the comments below (or email us at to tell us who you think most deserves to be inducted into the BCI Hall of Fame. If somebody has already nominated your choice, give their comment a rec. Get your nominations in by Friday - we’ll be setting up a poll with the top nominees ending Sunday.

So, you tell us - who are you nominating for the BC Interruption Hall of Fame?