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Class Of 2021 Superfan Shirt Slogan Revealed. Our Ranking Of The Shirt Slogans.

Do you love it, or do you hate it?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Superfan shirt mottos are always one of the more interesting things to talk about during the college sports-less summer months. It usually gets the blood boiling as you either love the new slogan or you hate it. This year the Class of 2021 Superfan shirt motto was revealed to fellow blogger Heights and Lows:

Upon These Grounds our Glory Echoes

Over the past two years I came up with my definitive, I am never wrong rankings of the mottos, and some rationale. This year I am updating my rankings to include the new motto. If you disagree with me, leave your thoughts in the comments, but just realize I am never wrong.

19. Honoring the Legacy, Pursuing Greatness—the Sesquicentennial Class of 2013 (2013): This is just too much; slogans need to brief, and to the point. I don't see KFC using a slogan like "Our chicken is breaded, costs $5.99 for a bucket, is moist and crunchy, and is finger licking good." It just doesn't work. Superfans shouldn't have three lines of slogan on their backs. I don’t think any slogan will ever be as bad as this one.

18. Talons Of Fury—Get Ready (2009). I don't get this slogan at all. What are we getting ready for? Keep it simple, stupid: Talons of Fury. And then maybe like three claw marks going down their backs. Now that would have been bada**.

17. Carry The Torch—Light The Way (2017): This sounds like the Superfans are on a quest for the Holy Grail, not yelling at refs during a BU game.

16. Ignite The Heights With Spirit And Truth (2014): Spirit and truth are both excellent qualities to have in the classroom and in the community. But using it as a slogan for athletics? Pass. Unless we can find a secret religious artifact that could give us super powers, kind of like in Indiana Jones. But without the Nazis.

15. Upon These Grounds Our Glory Echoes (2021): Alright I’m going to mess with your head with this one, just imagine that this slogan was used for a coffee shop in Brooklyn run by a bunch of hipsters. Now try to unthink that. Good luck.

14. Many Hearts One Tradition (2016): What tradition is that? I'm confused.

13. Together We Are More (2019): Seems like a simple math equation. Also sounds like something a union leader would say at a rally for higher wages and better working conditions.

13. On The Hunt For Excellence (2012): When I first heard this slogan I imagined Baldwin on a trail with a bloodhounds looking for the elusive "excellence." Did he ever find it? We shall never know.

12. Always Believe In BC (2005): Kind of simple, but also wished this was saved for the Class of 2013. Other than hockey, that poor class needed this slogan more than any other.

11. Eagles Take Action (2010): This sounds serious. What action do we have to take? Is everyone alright? I'm worried.

10. Building Characters, Building Champions (2015): Brian wasn't a big fan of using the letters B and C to create the two words, but I kind of dug it.

9. Go Eagles (2003): Classic, a little understated and lacks excessive exclamation points I would have added, but it works.

8. Fire In Our Hearts. Greatness In Our Sights (2016). I dug this one. It sounds like a house slogan in Game of Thrones. Medieval. Tough. Great.

7. Ever Rising To New Heights (2018): Uses "The Heights" in a pun, uses it to describe excellence. Check and check.

6. Fly Like An Eagle (2006): I almost rated this lower, because everytime I read it I get the Steve Miller song stuck in my head again. But it uses our mascot, a classic saying. A classic.

5. Whatever It Takes (2002): The original. Different, and set the standard for all other slogans.

4. For Here All Are One (2011): Brian's #1, and for good reason; using the fight song lyric was a great choice. It was high for me, but the top three are titans. The older man that sits next to me loves to yell “For here men are men” everytime BC scores, and I love to sing “All are One” back at him, so this slogan has a special spot in my heart.

3. Take It To The Heights (2007): A slogan that gets you jacked up. Intense, using BC imagery, just a flawless Superfan slogan.

2. Soaring To Glory (2008): Again using great imagery to describe the slogan, spawned one of the newest hash tags. Maybe next season the Class of 2020 could simply use #SOAR?

1. Eagles On The Warpath (2004): Violent imagery for athletics while also including the mascot? You win.

There you have it, my rankings of the Superfan shirts. Surely this will infuriate some, and others may agree. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.