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Boston College Football Releases Theme Days: Red Bandana Game Will Be Against FSU

Welles Crowther Helmet

Boston College football released it’s theme days for their upcoming home schedule. The dates and themes are the following:

September 9: Wake Forest : Youth and Spirit Day

September 16: Notre Dame: Rivalry Day

September 30: Central Michigan: Parents Weekend

October 7: Virginia Tech: Homecoming

October 27: Florida State: Red Bandana Game

November 11: NC State: Military Appreciation and Senior Day

While most of these dates and themes don’t mean a lot, I found it interesting that the Red Bandana game is so late this year, especially with Notre Dame happening right after September 11th. You might think that Boston College would want to celebrate Welles Crowther in a big game close to the anniversary date, but there might be other factors involved. Notre Dame is an afternoon game while Florida State will be an Friday evening game on ESPN like it was last year with Clemson. The Red Bandana game will get maximum exposure on ESPN, and could make an important game even more special.