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Boston College And Michigan State Schedule Series For 2024 and 2025

The Eagles get a premier opponent

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In his first public move as Athletic Director, Martin Jarmond has scheduled a marquee opponent, the Michigan State Spartans.

The two will play in 2024 in Chestnut Hill and then will hit the road to face the Spartans in 2025.

“Philosophically we want to play a strong schedule and adding a future opponent the caliber of Michigan State fits what we want to accomplish,” said Boston College William V. Campbell Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond. “To have one of the eight teams that have competed in the College Football playoff come to The Heights will be exciting for our young men competing on the field and our season ticket holders.”

This is an absolute slam dunk for Boston College’s new AD. To go out and get a consistently solid opponent, one that will get interest from the fans is a great first step in terms of building future schedules. Michigan State and BC do have some history as well, as Matt Ryan and the Eagles took down the Spartans in a nail biting Champs Sports Bowl in 2007.

In 2024 Boston College already has a trip to Missouri scheduled, and in 2025 they will be facing Notre Dame, meaning both seasons already have two Power 5 conference opponents. That’s a win for our fanbase.