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Hoff’s Mailbag: More Hoops Questions

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Wake Forest vs Boston College Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s mailbag focuses on basketball. The next mailbag will be centered more around football though. As always you can submit any questions about recruiting, to the current roster and coaches or you can even ask our opinion on something. If you have a question please email Eric at or tweet him @EJHoffses

Question #1 comes in via email from Tim Reynolds


Appreciate the info you gather. Just wondering with AJ Turner transferring, who you though would log the most minutes at Small forward next year?

Hoff: It’s going to be a combination depending on matchups and how the young guys develop. You could see a more veteran lineup with Ky Bowman and Jordan Chatman in the backcourt mixed with Jerome Robinson at the three at times. Out of the younger players Vin Baker Jr. and Mike Sagay will see some time there as well.

I’ll also say that BC isn’t done adding transfers and that is very much a focal point still. Don’t rule out help coming at the three in the form of a transfer in the upcoming weeks.

Question #2 comes in from Derek via Email

Eric-What is the story with Deontae Hawkins and why was he at Memphis?

Hoff: This story came out via Twitter last week and has not really been talked about much from a BC perspective.

I’ve checked in with a few people on this. What I hear is that Hawkins was visiting a friend at Memphis and was playing hoop down there. Memphis found out and put a word out there that they had Deontae in but were “passing on him”.

If all of that is true I can see why Memphis would want to save face like that because they have had a lot of bad news this offseason and not being able to flip a recruit on campus like that would not look good. From my own personal view this seems to have blown up in their face a little as many Memphis fans expressed frustration on Twitter that they would pass on a player with talent like Hawkins has. From a Memphis standpoint it doesn’t make much sense to me that they’d “pass” on Hawkins because there are a few good programs that clearly want Hawkins. Memphis is considered at best as a NIT team next year and can’t afford to be passing on players like that.

With that being said, BC will have to work hard to keep Hawkins this summer as he finishes up his work at Illinois State. Schools are continuing to call Hawkins even after his verbal commitment to BC. The BC staff still considers him committed and is moving forward with the expectation that they will have him next season.

Question #3 from Matt B via Email

Any updates on the hoops team in the offseason?

Hoff: The team is not practicing all together at the moment but will be in the coming weeks. At the moment, Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson are in California with a well known trainer and are practicing with some NBA players out there. The players will talk about it more in detail when they come back. I have heard they are holding their own against the NBA players--- especially on offense--- and the whole experience is really giving the duo even more confidence about their abilities.