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National Mascot Day: Why Baldwin is the Best Mascot

We are not biased.

Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Today is National Mascot Day (unless it is tomorrow? The internet seems unclear on this.). As many of you know, I have very strong opinions on mascots. (Click here for Hockey East mascot rankings and 2017 NCAA Hockey Tournament mascot rankings). So I clearly cannot let today pass without giving a shoutout to our very own Baldwin.

Baldwin is a perfect mascot for a number of reasons:

  1. He actually looks like the animal he is supposed to be! (I’m looking at you, Bananas...)
  2. In addition to being clearly recognizable as an eagle, Baldwin is the perfect mix of friendly but intimidating. He isn’t overly cutesy, but he looks friendly enough to not scare children. (Providence, what are you doing?)
  3. And an Eagle is a respectable mascot - it is a predator with few predators of its own, and it is majestic. 10/10 on all counts. (We might have to work on Baldwin Jr. though.)
  4. Baldwin might not be quite as fun and over the top as some other mascots (like Goldy), but that also leaves less room for terrifying antics (also like Goldy). Baldwin’s dance moves are enough for us (but could we maybe get on the crazy Halloween costume train?)
  5. Sure, his name isn’t the most clever, but at least bald (for bald eagle) + win (for winning) makes more sense than naming your mascot Rhett because “our school color is scarlet and Rhett Butler loved Scarlett O’Hara more than anything.” Really, BU? Really?!

Happy National Mascot Day, Baldwin! Thanks for being one thing about BC Athletics that never embarrasses us.

(You can read Baldwin’s life story here.)