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Hoff’s Mailbag: Hoops Questions

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Wake Forest vs Boston College Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We are trying a new feature on BCI where we take questions from readers via Twitter and email about the basketball and football teams. The questions can be anything from recruiting, to the current roster and coaches or you can even ask our opinion on something. If you have a question please email Eric at or tweet him @EJHoffses

The first question comes in via Twitter:

The easy answer is soon, but it still could be a few weeks. I think a lot of people are remembering last year how Connor Tava committed in March. Looking back at recent history though, BC received commits from many 5th years after May. Eli Carter committed in June, Mo Jeffers in July, Aaron Brown in August. Even Dimitri Batten committed in late May.

Don’t forget that the signing period for 2017 recruits ends on May 17th. Many of the 5th years are going to wait until this date passes so they can get a full view of what the roster looks like.

The second question this week comes in via email from

Hoff-Who are some of the 5th year targets?

This seems to be the hot question from BC fans and rightfully so. The staff is not eager to put names out there for obvious reasons but here is what I will say. The 5th year targets seem to all be forwards where the “traditional” transfers are a mix of positions. For now we will focus on the 5th years.

All of the 5th year players that I’ve heard about BC targeting are forwards, which I think fans will be happy about. That’s not exactly a shocker though right? I mean what players are going to come in here for one year and play behind Bowman and Robinson?

What I have found interesting is that the quality of players is pretty strong that BC is going after. There is a player or two that would be legitimate contributors on an ACC roster next year. Two notes I’ll drop without giving anything away is that the unofficial transfer lists that get thrown around by the national guys are great resources but they aren’t any kind of official document. There are players who are transferring that aren’t on the list and just haven’t made it public. So before you drive yourself crazy trying to figure out who BC is going after remember that. Secondly, and maybe most importantly at least in my mind is that there was a record number of players---182 to be exact--- who tossed their names into the ring for the NBA Draft. Not all of these guys are going to end up keeping their names in the draft. Some of these guys are already setting up backup plans behind the scenes in case they don’t go through with turning pro and obviously they aren’t going to make this public when they are gearing up for the NBA combine and workouts with teams.