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BCI Radio Is Back! Episode 101: Talking Spring Football And New AD Martin Jarmond

AJ breaks down the news of the day in a new podcast produced by BCI

BCI Radio

BCI Radio is back!

A new format, but with all the Boston College hot takes and information that you crave and demand. Our newest version of the podcast is a one man band, it’s me, AJ, and I’m fired up after the spring football game. I’ll give my honest opinions on everything that happened before, during and after the game, and how it impacts the team moving forward. I preview and give my thoughts on each position, and what the spring game did or did not show us. I give out some superlatives from the game, and look ahead to the summer. Finally, what about the spring game in general, what can Boston College do to get fans to care about and actually attend it?

Also with Martin Jarmond taking over as Athletic Director, I look ahead to the future of the Boston College athletics program.

It’s a new format, and a new way to give the fans a new way to get their Boston College content. Hopefully you all enjoy it, leave your thoughts, comments, and questions in the comment section below. Go Eagles!

(This should be on ITunes shortly)