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BC Legend Mark Herzlich Could Play Linebacker and Tight End This Season

Herzlich on offense? Could be happening.

NFL: New York Giants at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich could be seeing a new role this year with the New York Giants. According to reports all over the internet, he has switched his number from 94 to 44, so he can be an eligible receiver.

Herzlich speaking at an event, went on to talk about how he has been playing a lot of scout team offense the past year at tight end:

"A lot of times I'm playing scout-team tight end the last couple of years just because we were low in numbers and I was able to show I could be versatile in that aspect. So, when it's, 'Hey, you want to come add another weapon to your repertoire?' It's, 'Yeah, sure, sign me up.' The more I can learn, the better. And the better I can help out, the better, too."

Herzlich as we all remember made a courageous comeback from Ewing’s Sarcoma to finish his career with the Eagles in 2010. He went undrafted, but was signed by the NY Giants where he has gone on to play linebacker and special teams for the Big Blue.

Boston College Eagles fans everywhere have a special place in their hearts for Herzlich, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we will all be rooting for him as he becomes an even more versatile player for New York.