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What Could The Football Program Look Like In Five Years?

Let’s rub that crystal ball and look ahead.

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

With new AD Martin Jarmond taking over the reigns at Boston College, it is worth giving a long time projection of what the football program will look in the future. Let’s say that Jarmond stays around for five years, what changes will be made? What will remains the same. Let’s take a look.

Renovating Alumni: First and foremost Alumni is in need of some dire changes. Brad Bates did a nice job installing those massive scoreboards, new field turf and the wrap around banner boards, but BC needs more. First of all, they need to upgrade the perks for donor based seating, maybe by adding seat backs, food options, and dare I say it, beer? Speaking of that, let’s get a bier garten in Alumni Stadium. A special little section with some TV’s showing games around the country, some drinks, and some food. BC has the spots to do, the corner of Alumni where they grill sausages is a completely wasted space, put it there.

Coaching: I am going to leave my personal feelings about Steve Addazio out of this, and just say that I can’t imagine that he is going to be a long term solution for Boston College football. Whether it is next year, or three, I imagine there will be a coaching change at Boston College. Jarmond has his chance to make a difference here, and leave his stamp. I think the administration at BC finally realizes that they are going to have to spend some money to make more money, and will finally hire either an up and coming hot commodity or make a Charlie Strong esque hire that USF just did. Whatever the case, I imagine that in 5 years BC will be on to a second coach.

Scheduling: This was Jarmond’s bread and butter at Ohio State, so I am really excited to see what he can do in the next five years. Will BC be battling Alabama, USC, Notre Dame and Texas every year, no. But Jarmond has already said that he wants to see a marquee matchup every year, so let’s see how he goes about that. I imagine that Jarmond is going to want to make a splash quickly, and I predict that he will find a team that loses an opponent and needs a quick fix, a team that no one expects that may not be the best “fit”. I do believe he will fix BC scheduling and get BC to a reasonable OOC schedule that yearly will include a marquee P5, a lesser P5, Maction, and UConn/UMass.

Roster: BC’s recruiting ratings have declined over the past years, as Addazio hasn’t been able to put together classes similar to the ones he made when he first got here. If he sticks around, I don’t imagine the class ratings will get much better, as he started to pump the line that “stars don’t matter”, which I thoroughly disagree with. You can get your guys, but there is a reason FSU is FSU, and it’s not because they recruit character guys. However, I think Addazio will continue to grab a few of those Harold Landry or AJ Dillons, as he has shown he can do, which is fine. If there is a new coach, hopefully they can use the new IPF as a tool to recruit as well and get those classes ranked higher.

Play: Will BC be competing for the ACC Championship in the next five years? Given the way the roster looks now, I just don’t see how they would compete against the Florida States and Clemson’s of the division. There are two things that could happen that could let BC back into. 1) Clemson and FSU lose Jimbo Fisher and Dabo Swinney or 2) BC gets an elite quarterback. If either of these happen, BC could be back in the picture, but just looking at the landscape now, I just don’t see it happening. However, I don’t see BC having another 3-9 season in the near future.

Those are my predictions for the Eagles in the next five years, what are yours? Leave them in the comments.