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Frozen Four Bandwagon Search: The Case for Denver

There are 4 good reasons to root for the Pioneers.

NCAA Hockey: Frozen Four-Denver vs North Dakota Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

There are four good reasons for every BC fan to root for Denver this year. Even if you don’t agree with all four, chances are you can agree with at least one.

First off, if BC can’t win, we might as well root for the best team in the country. Denver has had a great season and they deserve to take home the final prize. The Pioneers are 29-7-4 this season and are ranked first in all major polls. If we can’t root for the number one team in our hearts, we might as well root for the number one team in the country.

Points two and three in Denver’s favor both relate to BC. The Pioneers’ colors are crimson and gold, which is basically the same as maroon and gold. So you can almost pretend it is BC on the ice. Also, Henrik Borgström plays for Denver. Borgström is Finnish and has played with the Mattila twins, Eeli Tolvanen, and Aapeli Räsänen. Be like BC Finnterruption and root for the Suomi connection.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Denver is playing Notre Dame in the first round. Do you really want Notre Dame to leave Hockey East with a trophy? Think about how superior that would make them feel - no thank you! Rooting for the team that could knock Notre Dame out of the tournament and end the team’s final season in Hockey East is what any self-respecting Hockey East fan would do.

TL;DR: Denver deserves the trophy. Crimson/gold is sort of like maroon/gold. Finland. Notre Dame more like Notre LAME.