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Turner Transferring to Northwestern

Former BC forward A.J. Turner announced that he will be moving to the Big Ten

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest stories of the offseason for BC basketball was the transfer of starting forward A.J. Turner. On Wednesday, Turner announced just where he was heading.

Turner was thrust into a leadership role since he arrived at the Heights two years ago. Turner came to BC as a heralded Top 150 Rivals recruit and showed flashes of that during his time at BC. At times, Turner was a good wing defender and was an adequate long range shooter. At other times Turner got into slumps on offense which hurt his overall confidence and defense on the other side of the floor. Still, Turner was no doubt the best option that BC had at the wing position and it means for the moment everyone else will slide into a bigger role and more minutes. I say for the moment because the BC staff is actively recruiting to try and replace Turner.

The Michigan native has been the face of the program along with Jerome Robinson  since the duo arrived together, so that will  be a strange absence moving forward. BCI wishes Turner the best in Chicago.