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Recent BC Tweets Hints At Coaches Recruiting Assignments

If you want to know who is recruiting where, BC has that covered

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big questions every year is trying to figure out which Boston College football coach is recruiting what area of the country. For the most part the school itself is relatively quiet about it, and doesn’t publicize it. But in the past they have slipped a few hints, and let you know that a certain coach is in a certain area. This morning the school made it very clear, but releasing a series of tweets with graphics showing where they are recruiting right now. There may be additional recruiting responsibilities, but this paints a good picture of where they are heading right now.

Frank Leonard has Connecticut, while Richie Gunnell is hitting up the Metro-DC area, as you will see below. DC has seen a big jump in terms of offers this cycle, while Connecticut always remains an important part of Steve Addazio’s recruiting blueprint.

As mentioned above Gunnell is hitting up DC. Virginia is interesting choice, as BC only has two Virginia players on the roster (senior defensive back Atem Ntantang and linebacker Tanner Karafa). I wonder if there are specific recruits they are targeting or if this is a new area of focus.

Sending Justin Frye to Illinois is very interesting because to my knowledge there isn’t a player on the roster from that state. Maybe it’s just a quick visit, but again it’s interesting to see them trying to recruit in different states. New special teams coordinator Ricky Brown has been given a tough task with Ohio, a state very important to Boston College (St. Xavier), but maybe some fresh blood will help really solidify this pipeline.

Paul Pasqualoni is Mr. New York so this isn’t of any surprise. That has been his bread and butter the past two years. Interesting that the Eagles are sending two coaches to New Jersey. Anthony Campanile is a NJ guy, and has great connections to the state, so he makes sense. Scot Loeffler must be targeting a few offensive players out there as well.