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Martin Jarmond Q&A with Matt Brown of Land Grant Holy Land

A quick check-in with our Ohio State friends!

Playstation Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State v Clemson Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With Ohio State deputy AD moving to Chestnut Hill to take the reins at BC, we spoke briefly with Matt Brown - Great and Famous Internet Person, co-manager of SB Nation’s college sites, and co-manager of Land Grant Holy Land, SBN’s Ohio State blog.

BCI: Most athletic administrators beyond the AD are fairly anonymous, but it seems like Jarmond had a big enough role at Ohio State that people knew about him. What's the general perception among Ohio State people about his personality, and about the job he's done there?

Matt: Ohio State fans have a weird relationship with their AD, Gene Smith. By most metrics, he's been outstanding. OSU is beyond flush with cash, he's assumed national leadership roles, the Buckeyes have hired strong coaches in most sports, but fans haven't forgiven the admin for bungling the Gator Bowl/2012 Bowl Ban situation. Jarmond, of course, had nothing to do with that, and is seen as quietly making sure the department runs well, while Gene Smith catches heat from fans.

BCI: His bio at Ohio State says he handled "internal and external" operations for football, development, and day-to-day for several other sports. That seems like a lot! Are there a few particular accomplishments you can think of from one of the areas Jarmond has handled during his tenure?

Matt: He does a lot! Relating to on the field stuff, he's most public-facing role is his handling of Ohio State's football scheduling. That's been a major success, as Ohio State hasn't had to play weird neutral site games, and has future series set up with Texas, TCU, Oregon and Notre Dame (and hey, BC!), along with Oklahoma this season.

He was also a truly prolific fundrasier, especially at Michigan State (where he was before OSU), setting multiple records during his tenure. That'll be important at BC.

BCI: BC is a reclamation project, and our fans probably look longingly at a program like Ohio State and think there are very few long-term problems to solve. But I'm sure that's not true; what are some of the long-term challenges at Ohio State in the areas under Jarmond's purview, and what has the progress been toward addressing them?

Matt: Honestly, I think your fans are right. There *are* fewer long term's more of a question of maintenance, since expectations are so high. It also allows OSU admins to take leadership in things like the Rose Bowl, playoff selection committees, or national conversations about player health and compensation. At Ohio State, an AD is expected to be a part of those conversations. There are a few facility questions, like the building of a new olympic sport arena, or what to do about Thad Matta, but they're not systemic issues like at other schools.

BCI: Does this mean we also get Urban Meyer now or nah?

Matt: No, but can I interest you in a rehabilitated Greg Schiano?