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According To Report Seton Hall AD Pat Lyons Will Not Be New Boston College AD

Oh well...

Conte Forum Kelley Rink

Amidst a flurry of unsubstantiated reports, news came out this morning from a New Jersey basketball reporter that Seton Hall AD Pat Lyons will be staying with the school and will not be pursuing the Boston College position

Lyons would have been a controversial candidate as he had very little experience in the football world. On the other hand he has done a nice job turning around the basketball program from a basement dweller into two straight NCAA tournaments.


There hasn’t been much news about the search in general, unless you want to believe unsubstantiated reports coming from former Boston College writers like Mark Blaudschun. In the past week we’ve seen him throw out names like Memphis’s AD Tom Bowen and then “removed”, Mike Dee formerly of the Red Sox seems to Blauds newest name he picked out of a hat, earlier this week it was former Tennessee associate AD Mike Vollmar. The Vollmar article in particular is written with just the hypothesis “He quit his job, I have no evidence of it but could he be a BC candidate?” Just piles and piles of s*** thrown against the wall hoping to see what sticks without any evidence, and quickly disproved. I hate bringing his stuff up, but so many other reporters and fans latch on to his articles and retweet them and share them like they are gospel.

None of these reports have been confirmed by more reliable reporters like Pete Thamel, Jeff Goodman or even Eric Hoffses so take them with a grain of salt and don’t read too much into them. They are just guesses, and inaccurate ones at that, I believe that are made either to do a favor to a candidate or get eyes on their site. Boston College is purposely holding on to the names of their candidates and finalists, and everyone is in the dark, so be wary if a reporter claims to know and certainly don’t get yourselves worked up over alleged candidates.

Could we know this week? Who knows.