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Mark Blaudschun Floats Rumor That Father Leahy Could Retire Come June

Gasson Hall

Take it with a grain of salt, but former Boston Globe reporter Mark Blaudschun floated an interesting report in his column over the weekend:

The chatter of Father Leahy’s retirement continues to be heard at The Heights, with the latest rumors being that Father Leahy will make a trip to Ireland in June and announce his retirement. That date also coincides with the end of the term of John Fish, the Chairmen of the BC Board of Trustees.

As Blaudschun says further, the timing of this alleged move would coincide with the AD Brad Bates end of employment. All of these leadership changes could drastically change the future of Boston College athletics, with new visions and new expectations coming not only from the athletic department but from the Board of Trustees and President as well.

Again, this is just a rumor, and in the past Blaudschun has been a bit hit or miss on his predictions. However, it does make a lot of sense. Could Boston College have a new president and new Athletic Director before the start of the 2017 school year?