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Dan Shaughnessy Floats Former Baseball Coach Pete Hughes As Potential AD Candidate


NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Athletic Director search may be underway, it may not be that is unclear, but people are chiming in with ideas. Enter Dan Shaughnessy, long time Boston Globe reporter:

“A guy the Eagles would do well to consider is former BC baseball coach Peter Hughes. Currently the baseball coach at Oklahoma, Hughes is from Brockton, went to BC High, and knows just about everybody in the BC athletic department from his nine years as the baseball boss. Hughes is 49 and would be able to shower some love on estranged alums who are angry about what has happened to football and basketball.”

No. This is a bad idea. First off, Hughes left Boston College in 2006 so any idea that he knows people in the department is kind of silly. Sure he probably knows a few of the older folks, but there is a ton of turnover since he left. Secondly, BC has major issues with basketball and football right now, why would hiring a baseball coach with no collegiate administration experience be a good idea? It’s not. It seems like Shaughnessy is just floating the name of a guy he knew back when BC baseball was good and he probably covered the team.

BC needs more of an experienced administrator to run the athletics department. Pete Hughes is a great coach, and he certainly has some BC connections, but is he the answer to the current state BC Athletics is in? He is not.