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2016-17 Post-Season Boston College Men’s Hockey Roundtable: Part II

More thoughts from the BCI staff on BC hockey

Kathryn Riley, BC Interruption

Yesterday we gave some serious thoughts on the 2016-17 hockey season, so today we’re talking about the fun stuff.

What is your favorite memory from this season?

Laura: The come from behind victory over Notre Dame at Conte was really, really fun and a great last Hockey East game to play against the Fighting Irish. Honorable mentions to the last second win at Northeastern and the 7-0 win over UVM.

Grant: Tough call. Beating BU in the Hockey East semis was nice, but I think I'll go with the 2-1 win over Northeastern. That was a thrill.

Arthur: I think the Notre Dame comeback was pretty epic. That was probably the one time all year Conte rocked, and it was fantastic to be present.

Joe: The easy answer is the BU win, but I'll probably go with Michael Kim's last second, shorthanded, game-winning goal at Matthews Arena. That was awesome.

Who is your MVP this season?

L: I’ll go with Austin Cangelosi. He put up good numbers, scored some big goals, helped BC on face-offs, and always gave 100%.

G: Oh, man, I don't know. Joseph Woll is probably the one people will come up with but he had a pretty rough stretch right when we really needed to be at our best. No one really put up great numbers as skaters either, although Cangelosi did score quite a few goals.

I'm going to say Matty Gaudreau and screw you if you don't like it. He's the quintessential BC hockey player.

A: I have to give a nod to Austin Cangelosi. He picked up a lot of the slack when it looked like Colin White hit a bit of a cold patch. He also had a .244 shooting percentage, which is nothing to sneeze at.

J: I'd say Ryan Fitzgerald. When he got hurt, that really derailed things. The Eagles' first big slump wasn't February, it was between Thanksgiving and January after Fitz got hurt. Even after he came back, we saw how much the team improved once he really got back to full strength.

Most improved between last season and this season?

L: JD Dudek. I knew he was going to show improvement because he had a great camp with the Devils over the summer, but he really took his game to a new level. He’s the type of player that is going to build up some solid numbers through 4 years at BC.

G: Gotta be Matty, no? He tied for the team lead in scoring. That's nuts.

A: Matthew Gaudreau went from being a role player who can give BC good minutes to a legitimate playmaker and one of BC's most important players on the attack. BC wouldn't have been as competitive without him.

J: I knew JD Dudek was a good player but I think he demonstrated this year that by the time he's a senior, he could be a real force for this team.

Most improved over this season?

L: I think most of the freshmen showed improvement in different areas as the season went on, but I’ll go with Julius Mattila. His shooting accuracy improved a ton and he’s good at taking face-offs. I feel like he was contributing much more overall at the end of the season than he was when the season started.

G: I'm going to say Scott Savage. It felt like he had some pretty brutal turnovers in the first half of the season, but did an okay job cleaning it up in the second half. He was our top scoring D, 5th on the team overall, and tied for 3rd in +/-. Those are some pretty solid numbers.

A: It's actually really hard to say who improved the most over the season since the team was so noticeably bad down the stretch

J: I think Connor Moore's in-season strides were really noticeable. He has a solid all-around game and by the end of the year I felt comfortable whenever he was on the ice,

Who do you think will be captain next year?

L: I wouldn’t be surprised by Brown, Fitzgerald, Kim, or Dudek. I’ll say Kim to continue the #4 trend set by great captains like Mike Brennan, Tommy Cross, and Teddy Doherty.

G: Knowing nothing about the team in the locker room, I'll throw Casey Fitzgerald's name out there. He was a leader on defense even as a freshman, so I think he'll have a good shot.

A: I think either Christopher Brown or J.D. Dudek will be the captain. Both are the most prominent rising juniors in the program, and I think the team respects the two of them enough to get votes. I also will throw Casey Fitzgerald's name out there as a dark horse.

J: Chris Brown, probably?

What’s your favorite Finnish word you learned this year?

L: Kotkat (Eagle)

G: I'm going to throw you a curvball and say EEEEEELI!!!! THE FUTURE IS NOW. [Ed. note: This is... a name.]

A: Maali. Finnish is such a beautiful language.

J: Am I allowed to say one of the swear words?

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