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City Of Boston Approves New BC Fieldhouse

BC Football will be getting their new Indoor practice Facility

Joel Zoungrana

It looks like the wait is finally over....

Boston College is getting their indoor practice facility, a construction that should greatly improve their standing amongst their peer schools. Last week, the Boston Planning and Development Agency approved the $200 million complex, which will be placed on the current Shea Field.

The City of Boston has been seen by many as an obstacle in many of BC’s projects, and there was rightfully some concern that this might get tied up by the bureaucracy. By with Boston approving the Field House, BC has the final green light to start breaking ground in May, with a completion date of July 2018.

The Field House will replace the much maligned bubble that is currently sitting on top of Alumni Stadium. This new complex, will double the size of the current BC football weight room, and give the team a full length football field to practice on during the winter months. Hopefully this new addition will help the football coaching staff on the recruiting trail.

While this is a step in the right direction, there are certainly other improvements the new AD is going to need to address when he gets to Chestnut Hill. As Eric Hoffses has said, basketball still needs a dedicated practice facility, and both Alumni and Conte Forum certainly could a face lift.

You can check out the models of the IPF in the article linked above.