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Bob McKenzie Reports No Signing Imminent for Colin White


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Following earlier reports that Colin White was close to signing a contract with the Ottawa Senators, Bob McKenzie is reporting that talks have stalled and no signing is imminent. (Don’t get too excited, it still remains unlikely that White will return to Boston College for another season.)

There have been rumblings since the end of Boston College’s season that Ottawa wants to sign White to play for the Binghamton Senators in the AHL this season as opposed to sending him straight to the NHL so as not to burn up a year of an entry level contract.

Ottawa reportedly is set on signing White to an ATO (amateur tryout agreement) with Binghamton for the remainder of the season and then having him sign an entry level contract to join the Senators next season. White reportedly wants to go straight to the NHL and is uninterested in signing an ATO. With both sides sticking to their position, it seems that it will take longer than initially reported for White to sign a deal.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as reports continue.