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Heights: Boston College hires Parker Executive Search to handle hunt for next Athletic Director

Gasson Hall

Michael Sullivan of The Heights confirmed today that Boston College has obtained the services of the Parker Executive Search firm in its hunt for a new AD:

Per Sullivan, "about 80 current [athletic directors] have been placed with Parker's help, including Notre Dame, Georgia, UMass, UConn, Tennessee, Washington, and Ohio State."

The firm is based out of Georgia and headed up by Dan Parker, who has a 30+ year history in the executive search business. According to his website, Parker has placed "education, health sciences, sports and corporate clients" around the world.

In addition to being involved in athletic director searches, the firm has also placed a number of university presidents.

The extensive resume of this group seems to be a good sign - given the firm’s national tentacles, it’s likely to be a national search rather than relying on a few select insiders.

We’ll provide more information as we learn it about the search for BC’s next AD - but at least we know now that the wheels are in motion. Let’s see what happens next.