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Boston College Spring Football: Up Tempo To Continue This Fall?

Could a change in scheme be coming this fall?

Thadd Smith

One of the biggest shocks that came with the 2016 Quick Lane Bowl was the half of football that was played at a shockingly very quick tempo. Quarterback Patrick Towles pushed the team quickly up to the line, and instead of the slow plodding offense that has been the hallmark of a Steve Addazio offense, it became a quick efficient machine that put up 30 points in a half against the Maryland Terrapins. This attack completely vanished in the second half, as Scot Loeffler’s offense reverted back to ultra conservative sticking mostly with safe passes and a ton of runs, and only managed a touchdown in two quarters of play. The reasons

Many of us wondered, was the first half of the Quick Lane Bowl a fluke or should we expect this type of offense going forward. Offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler provided some clues after yesterday’s practice at BC, crediting his winter practices for getting the team ahead of schedule “We were able to have a complete spring football in December, which was awesome,” added Loeffler. “The kids were able to see our vision and what we want to get accomplished and obviously, it has been translating over to our spring.”

But with a new quarterback, will the offense take a step backwards? Loeffler doesn’t seem to think so, “It is very encouraging,” said Loeffler. “If you go back and look at the video tape from day one and day two a year ago, you would almost cry. This year is totally different – we look like a totally different football team and have a long way to go still, but it is encouraging.”

Does this mean that BC will be using more of a tempo based offense? We can only hope. The offense that we saw in the first half of the Quick Lane Bowl was effective, and Addazio said after the game that it was the plan to go to that tempo all along, but it took some time to implement it. Will Anthony Brown or Darius Wade be ready to man this style of offense? Yet another new wrinkle to watch for this spring.