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Addazio: Darius Wade Enters Camp As Starting QB

Definitely not what we were expecting

Darius Wade

The quarterback position is easily the biggest question mark heading into spring camp. With Patrick Towles graduating, there appears to be a position battle between junior Darius Wade and Anthony Brown. In sort of a surprising move, Steve Addazio commented today that his starting QB if the season started today would not be red shirt freshman Anthony Brown. Via Michael Sullivan:

This is intriguing given the comments Addazio seemingly fed the media towards the end of last season, most of which were pointing towards Anthony Brown and not Darius Wade as the starter. He seemed very high on Brown, and the way the media talked about him, it sounded like the younger QB would be starting in 2017. This apparent change of direction may be due to just experience and maturity, as Wade has played in a handful of games already and by default Addazio would name him starter. Or it could be mastering the offensive scheme, as Sullivan later tweets that Wade has been impressive to start the camp.

Of course this is only day one. Things could easily change as the spring progresses, but could we be seeing the Darius Wade we were hoping when he was recruited here? Is Anthony Brown a little further behind in his progress than maybe Addazio had hoped? These are all questions to look at and watch for heading into these practices.