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Former Eagle Dennis Clifford Named D-League All-Star

ACC Basketball Tournament - Boston College v Georgia Tech Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Dennis Clifford, class of 2016, was recently named an All-Star in the NBA Development League playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors. Clifford, best known for saying that “Going out to eat” was his favorite memory as an Eagle, has really come into his own while playing in the D-League this year. Dennis is currently 10th in rebounding in the whole D-League, averaging 8.8 per game.

Clifford was a great player in his four years for the Eagles, starting 98 total games and averaging 9.9 points and 7.3 rebounds. Clifford has done a great job this year scoring and rebounding the ball, blocking shots, and standing out amongst teammates with a better pedigree. Some of his teammates have come from Missouri, Oregon, and Wichita State, all schools which are more highly regarded than BC when it comes to basketball. Kudos to you, Dennis!

The D-League All-Star game will be played on February 18 at 2 P.M. Eastern and will be broadcast on NBATV.