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Insta-Recap: Boston College Falls to Iowa in the Pinstripe Bowl 27-20

Life is pain.

NCAA Football: Pinstripe Bowl-Boston College vs Iowa Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

There are no words. But I guess I have to try.

Boston College blew a 17-10 halftime lead and ultimately fell to the Iowa Hawkeyes 27-20 this evening in the Pinstripe Bowl. In frigid conditions made worse by the lack of turf heating in Yankee Stadium, the Eagles might have been better off putting their team on skates.

Boston College seemed to dominate the first half. After an early interception by Darius Wade turned into an Iowa field goal, BC scored their first points by putting together a 14 play drive capped off by a 4-yard run by AJ Dillon. The Eagles put up over 250 yards in the first half, yet could not shake the Hawkeyes thanks to special teams (and refereeing) blunders They entered the half up 17-10.

And from there it was all downhill. Steve Addazio’s squad could get nothing going on either side of the ball in the second half. Points and yards were hard to come by, and the Eagles could not sustain a drive. Ignoring the conditions of the Pinstripe Bowl, which, win or lose, I firmly believe should never be played again, all of BC football’s issues we know and love were on display.

Clock management was poor to end the first half. Addazio rushed Colton Lichtenberg out onto the field despite plenty of time on the play clock and a timeout remaining. Lichtenberg would miss the kick.

Special teams were poor. The Hawkeyes continuously returned kickoffs to near midfield if not Eagle territory. There were two missed field goals. Punting was alright, as BC had decent coverage on their own punts and traded return yards in exchange for trying to block on Iowa’s. I’m willing to cut more slack here considering the conditions, but it seemed that Iowa had nowhere near the number of problems as BC.

The final issue was second half adjustments. Addazio and Scot Loeffler seemed to make zero adjustments after the half. Whereas Kirk Ferentz and his defense realized they were getting pushed around and fixed it, the Eagles continued with predictable play calling and no changes. Dillon was repeatedly hit behind the line and had less than 50 yards in the second half after 150 yards in the first, while the rollouts that had made Wade so effective disappeared.

More in depth analysis will be coming over the next few days once the rage has subsided. I move that BC never play in the Pinstripe Bowl again.