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Our Christmas Wishes for BC Athletics

Please, Santa?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Holidays, BC fans! Today, we’re sharing our Christmas wishes for our favorite BC programs. Let us know what BC improvements you’re asking Santa for in the comments!

Laura: My cheerful holiday wish is for BC women’s hockey and/or women’s lacrosse to win a much deserved NCAA championship. My un-cheerful holiday wish is for Martin Jarmond to do something to start BC women’s basketball back on the path to being a good team that can make the NCAA tournament.

Also, can we get on cloning Jerry York??

Bailin: My BC related gift this year would be meaningful men's basketball in March. That would be lovely.

AJ: Everything came together at the end of this year and it was beautiful (well minus the Anthony Brown injury). I want BC football to come out smoking again next year and rip off a bunch of wins in a row. My small gift would be a return to the rankings, but my bigger gift? I'd love to have College Gameday return to the Heights. That would be a great sign to the students and really build excitement for the program again.

Matt: I would like to see BC football and men’s basketball in particular use its fall 2017 semester to recruit better and win games. While a possibility of an 8 win football season is thrilling, it doesn’t mean anything if Addazio and Co. can’t get the team to improve on that next year. For basketball, a couple of bigs would go a long way to play alongside the ubertalented backcourt. All in all, if I’m really saying what I want, it would be a return to the top 25 for football in both football and basketball by the 2018-2019 academic year.

Katie: My Christmas basketball wish is for the same atmosphere as the Duke game at every ACC game. Come on, students! And 6 ACC wins. Ok, let's go crazy. 7 wins!

Hoff: I'm asking for the BC hoops team to have a fun year for the team and the fans. Ultimately I think everyone wants to see the team return to March Madness, but even a season that ends with the team as a "bubble team" and a NIT invitation would be a fun year in my book. My other wish is for Steve Addazio to keep reinventing himself as a modern day coach with his "situational" decisions. Addazio went for it on 4th down 28 times this year, which was up from 22 last year and 13 the year before. I think that it's important for Daz to keep up with the rest of college football and stay aggressive on 4th down decisions.

Steven: My Christmas wish for BC is a time machine so I can go back and convince Eeli Tolvanen to study more and be academically eligible. Tolvanen is currently playing for Jokerit in the KHL and being called maybe the best 18-year old ever to play in that league. His scoring rate in the KHL (32 points in 39 games) puts him on comparable levels of Evgeny Kuznetsov and Vladamir Tarasenko in their own age 18 seasons, and man would that just be awesome to watch at Conte. Dominating the second best league in the world in his draft year, Tolvanen could have been the dynamic scoring winger that this team seems to desperately need.

Oh and I'll echo what others have said and say if a time machine is too much, I'll take meaningful March basketball. It's been way too long since we've had anything like that to get excited about.

Patrick: All I want for Christmas is bowl win. There's a lot of people here asking for "bigger things," but after my freshman year at BC I was fully prepared for and fully expected to sit through four years of losing seasons. An 8-5 season would do a lot to show how much the Eagles have improved and that there is a serious program being built on Chestnut Hill.

Grant: I’m not asking for anything witty or clever or anything like that. I want a women’s hockey national championship.

I am willing to sell out each and every one of you. Screw you all. I’m taking every present Santa delivers to each of the BCI writers, harassing Santa for the receipts, and exchanging them all for a women’s hockey title. That probably means I’m on the naughty list and will be getting coal yet again… that would explain the last few years.