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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to BC Interruption!

Thanks for a decade of reading our blog!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

December 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of BC Interruption. We’ve had a full decade of coverage of BC athletics - from trophies to going winless in the ACC. We’ll have a few different pieces going up over the next two weeks to celebrate this milestone, but we started off by asking our writers what BCI has meant to them and if they have any favorite articles they’ve written. We’d love to hear from our readers in the comments too!

Laura Berestecki, Editor In Chief

Writing for (and now running) BCI has been a dream come true for this lifelong BC fan. I’ve been obsessed with BC athletics since I was 8 or 9 years old, so getting to write about them and share this love with other fans is so much fun (even though it is a lot of work)! BCI has also introduced me to some great friends, both readers and other writers. I’m proud of our site for giving coverage to all of BC’s varsity programs, while still keeping up consistently strong coverage of MBB and football.

My favorite things I’ve written include this masterpiece and my coverage of BC WLax’s 2017 post-season run.

AJ Black, Football Editor

BCI has been an awesome experience for me. Being able to connect with other BC fans, and give me perspective on things has really helped ground me even during some of the toughest times in BC fandom. I have really enjoyed meeting some of the commenters and writers on this site. If I could pick some of my favorite posts I have written, there would be a few. My 'FInal Thoughts And Predictions" are always a blast to write, even though back in the day Baldwin Jr was a bit of a chore (CAW CAW). I loved writing about Andre Williams, Tyler Murphy and now A.J. Dillon. Just fun players that make covering the sport a blast.

Grant Salzano, Senior Writer & Director of Viral Marketing

I don’t get up to BC very often. It’s not that far, but I still only manage to go up a few times a year. Pro-tip to the youths out there: Never Graduate.

So for me, my connection to BC has come from writing on BCI and chatting with all the BCI writers (friends!) in our google chat all day, every day. It’s just kept things more meaningful than pulling up the hockey stream every weekend from my recliner while everyone else I know is in the stands. I miss BC a lot, but with how much time we spend in our chat talking about writing about this and that and how much we talk about the other sports, it makes it not seem quite so far away.

On top of that, I’m really just glad that BCI exists. Yeah, writing for it is fun, but I like having an all-BC website where I can just waste time clicking on links and reading BC stuff all day. BC Interruption existed the last couple years I was a student (hi, Brian!), but it was such a smaller undertaking than it is now.

Lastly – when I joined BCI, I signed on to cover men’s hockey, but I made it clear to Brian that I really wanted to give the women’s hockey team as much coverage as I could. I love the program and I love making it more visible to the BC masses. It’s one of my favorite things about being part of the site.

My favorite articles I’ve written –

The Terrier Tears of Unfathomable Sadness after Matt O’Connor dropped the puck into his own net and lost BU the national title was a good one, but sadly most of the GIF links from that article are broken :(

The article I wrote when BC Women’s Hockey made its first national championship game is one of my favorites, because for years, really, I had wanted to put into words why I care about the women’s hockey team so much. It seemed like a good opportunity to finally do it.

Eff UConn

And of course, my two magnum opuses:

The Women’s Pairwise Predictor

The GRaNT Rankings

Arthur Bailin, Senior Ice Hockey & Men’s Basketball Writer

It's really hard to express what writing for BCI has meant to me. Obviously being able to put my thoughts on BC athletics to paper has been great, and I love the platform that we have (I don't know if anyone, myself included would keep writing if we didn't believe in what we were trying to do here), but my appreciation for BCI goes way deeper than that. To this day my closest friends at BC are the people I write with on this blog. I know a lot of people only know us from our online persona on Twitter or the site, but trust me when I tell you that the people who make up this site are some of the best people I know, and I would not know them had I not started writing for BCI.

Favorite article:

Katie Bent, Men’s Basketball & Women’s Soccer Writer

I'm new to BCI this fall so I'm not sure I have a favorite piece, but I did like getting the chance covering women's soccer at the end of their season. It gave me the chance to watch and follow a team that I wouldn't otherwise have known much about and they were a lot of fun to watch! It has also been really cool to watch some of the men's basketball games from the press table and be just a few seats away from Globe and AP reporters.

Eric Hoffses, Football & Men’s Basketball Writer

The things I like most about writing for BCI is we are allowed to keep it real. There's no massaging messages or spinning stories and statistics in order to please coaches or administration. We are allowed to write what we see and what we feel and are always straight up with our readers. I dont think BC fans can get that anywhere else.

The story was not a fun one to write but the 'Chipotle Food Poisoning' story was pretty memorable to me. I broke the story and it was picked up by several national media outlets.

Patrick Toppin

Getting to cover the upset of No. 1 Duke this year was the most fun I've had at a basketball game in a very long time. Easily the most fun I've had at a BC basketball game. The crowd, the court storming, the palpable energy in Conte, finally getting over that hump of upsetting a ranked team (which the Eagles have threatened to do the last couple of years but have never been able to finish). I haven't gotten to work at BCI for very long, but I know more than enough about sports to know that this was a special moment.