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BC Recruiting: Early Signing Period Starts Next Week

Time to wrap your head around the new system

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The world of college football recruiting has changed this year, with a new system in place for players and schools. This season the NCAA has implemented a new early signing period that will start next week on December 20th and run through the 22nd. During this time players can officially sign with their schools, just like the traditional February National Signing Day.

At SBNation our college football recruiting site broke down what this means for schools. Basically, it sounds like that a vast majority of recruits will sign with their teams next week. This is great for teams like the Boston College Eagles, who have most of their commits as “strong” and this will prevent any last second poaching from rival schools. The article goes on to say that the only players who may still use the traditional February date are recruits who may need to raise grades or improve their testing scores.

Early signing periods are a positive for coaches as well because it limits the surprises on the traditional signing day. For instance, if Steve Addazio loses a recruit he was expecting next week, he still has another month to scour schools to find another replacement. It leaves teams less in the lurch, and able to address depth issues if players are flipped.

Over the next week you can expect the staff at BC Interruption to break any news on players signing with the team, decommitments, and last minute additions. Recruit profiles will trickle in during the Christmas break as well. Make sure to check in to BC Interruption all next week for breaking news.