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What Does the Sagay Transfer Mean?

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College announced that sophomore Mike Sagay will be transferring. Sagay averaged 2 PPG in 4.5 MPG last year as a freshman.

Sagay was expected to compete for a role off of the bench this season. The athletic forward wasn’t expected to be one of the first two players off the bench but he was expected to compete for the 8th-10th role on the team. The staff did not try and force Sagay our or anything like and this was strictly his decision. It wasn’t something that the staff was expecting to happen.

According to sources, Sagay is expected to transfer to a program that plays at a faster temp on offense. Sagay’s at his best playing in the open court and not in a half-court offense. Sagay only started playing basketball few years ago so the game is still all very new to him. With that being said the BC staff was still excited to see if he could develop over the next year or two, as was evident by all of the tweets about him from various basketball writers.