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Beer, Glorious Beer: Alcohol To Be Sold At Basketball/Hockey Games

Olympia Hosts The CAMRA Great British Beer Festival
Beer may not be from taps
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Boston College continues to improve it’s gameday experience, this time adding beer and wine to the available options at Conte Forum basketball and hockey games.

We're pleased to offer this amenity to our fans," said William V. Campbell Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond. "We believe this opportunity will enhance our game-day experience, and is a natural extension to our successful pilot program this year in Alumni Stadium."

As many know, beer and wine were sold at football games this season. It was a mixed experience, with limited options (just Bud and Bud Light), in cans, with horribly long lines. But clearly any beer is better than no beer. The press release did not give any indication on brands, or styles of beer.

Beer and wine had been available in the past for Pikes Peaks members and those who sat in luxury box seats. But this will allow access to the unwashed masses who sit in “regular seats” and have not donated to the booster club.

This new initiative will go into effect for the Boston College- Boston University hockey game this weekend. For such a heated rivalry, this is an interesting choice to roll out the alcohol. But all in all this is another welcome addition to the gameday experience at BC. Thank you Martin Jarmond and his staff for listening to the fans who have been requesting this for years.