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Boston College Bowl Projections: End Of Regular Season

NCAA Football: Sun Bowl-Stanford vs North Carolina Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

After soundly defeating Syracuse to end the week, Boston College has set up it’s bowl resume. However there were some other factors that could change BC’s destination. Miami losing to Pittsburgh was tough, Louisville trouncing Kentucky, and FSU beating Florida, while not a surprise puts BC in a perilous situation. Let’s look at where the prognosticators have the Eagles bowling this season.


Bonagura: Quick Lane Bowl (December 26): Boston College vs. Western Michigan

Hale: Independence Bowl (December 27): Boston College vs. Utah

First let’s start off with Bonagura’s prediction...barf. I don’t think any Eagles fans want to see Boston College against their third MAC team of the season, especially in Detroit. The interest in this game would be non-existent. David Hale’s game, while in Shreveport, ugh, would at least be against a PAC-12 team, and one we have no history with. Is it the best? No. But at least it would give us an opponent to tune in for.


Pinstripe (New York City): Boston College vs. Michigan

AJ’s Take: Yessssssssss.....Now take the emotional side out of this, but the odds of this happening are slim to none. Louisville should have a higher spot than BC, and you have to imagine the Pinstripe selection committee would salivate over Lamar Jackson vs the Michigan defense.


Boston College vs. Navy - Military

AJ’s Take: Is this as good as New York, or a Power Five conference opponent? Absolutely not. But the destination is decent for alumni to travel to, and I’ll take Navy over a Macrifice or Conference USA opponent any day of the year.

Speaking of which....

Brett McMurphy of The Athletic:

Gasprilla Bowl: December 21st vs. FAU

AJ’s Take:

McMurphy says that FSU is lobbying for this bowl, because let’s face it a local bowl against Lane Kiffin would sell out in a second, so let’s pray that they beat ULL and take this one away.


Independence Bowl vs. UCLA December 27

AJ’s Take: Chip Kelly won’t be coaching the bowl game, so that loses a little luster, but I’d take a game against UCLA even if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Sporting News

Military Bowl: Boston College vs. Navy

AJ’s Take: Again, not the best, but not the worst matchup. Interestingly they have UVA jumping BC for the Pinstripe Bowl, I don’t see that happening as BC and Penn State had the strong ticket sales.

So there are the projections. Where would you like to see BC bowl this year? Leave your thoughts below. And make sure to complain about bowls being pointless and a participation award as well!