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Previewing and Predicting Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Nebraska

NCAA Basketball: ACC Media Day Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

After an ugly loss at the hands of the Providence Friars, Boston College looks to rebound in the B1G-ACC challenge at Nebraska. Now at 5-2, the Eagles need to prove that they can get it done against other Power 5 schools, and scarily enough, this Nebraska team is the last chance to do it before Marvin Bagley and Duke come to Conte. While Nebraska isn’t a Michigan State or a Wisconsin, they represent a lower tier Power 5 team that the Eagles can use to measure themselves against.

Keys to Beating the Cornhuskers

  1. Play Hard: Providence Completely outworked the Eagles at the Dunk and it showed up on the scoreboard. If this team is serious about competing in the ACC, they have to show up. If Jim Christian can’t prepare his guys for games like these, his seat is going to get very hot, very quickly.
  2. Stay out of foul trouble: Deontae Hawkins and Nik Popovic each started the game very strongly, but then got into foul trouble and had to spend time on the bench. While JC Reyes has played well this year, he’s still extremely raw and learning the game.
  3. Get scoring from the bench: the lack of depth on Jim Christian’s roster is alarming. He’s in his fifth year and can only consistently play 7 ACC caliber guys in Ky Bowman, Jerome Robinson, Steffon Mitchell, Jordan Chatman, Hawkins, Popovic, and Reyes. For this game, the bench needs to provide more of a punch, and for the future, Christian needs to do a better job of getting talent to the Heights.


Matt: 69-58 BC

Toppin: 72-65 Nebraska

Katie: 76-70 Nebraska

Food and Non-alcoholic Beverage to enjoy During the Game

A favorite UberEats of mine as of late has been Los Amigos Taqueria, which makes a delicious and large chicken burrito.

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