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Previewing and Predicting Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Colgate

Barclays Center Classic Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

After a 1-1 record at Mohegan Sun, Boston College now stands at 4-1 on the young season, with four blowout victories and one tight loss to a tough Texas Tech team. Overall the Eagles have played very well this year, with the exception being the Texas Tech game in which they were careless with the ball and got outworked.

Keys to Beating the Raiders

Along with my normal three (3-point shooting, turnovers, and rebounding), I’m going to be adding two keys to this game, that relate more to the season as a whole than this particular game, which will hopefully be another blowout.

  1. Get Bowman going and keep Robinson hot. Before the LaSalle game, neither one had really exploded this year the way many people thought they would. That’s not to say they haven’t played well, they just haven’t been GREAT, the way they were for much of last year. They’ve been inefficient scorers and careless with the ball for the most part. While part of the scoring “problem” is that the offense is more balanced this year and, therefore, they haven’t needed to do as much, having two dynamic guards like Bowman and Robinson can win games, especially if they can take over down the stretch.
  2. Keep dominating teams. BC has four 20-point victories in the first five games of the season. They had zero all of last year. They need to keep taking care of business against teams that they should be beating handily. This will continue to get fans in Conte for the ACC schedule, which will have winnable games as the Eagles continue to get better.


Matt: 87-58 BC. Colgate won’t be able to keep up. Robinson is back. Bowman will have a big day.

Toppin: 90-64 BC

Katie: 84-65 BC

Food and Non-alcoholic Beverage to enjoy During the Game

Get a pregame bite at Cityside in Cleveland Circle and combine it with a milkshake from White Mountain. You won’t regret it.

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Matt O’Neil