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Boston College Men’s Hockey vs. Northeastern Preview

Football isn’t the only team with an exciting game tonight

2012 NCAA Division I Men's Hockey Championships - Semifinals Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

After an important win over UNH yesterday, Boston College heads to Northeastern to face a hot Huskies team. Despite having a better overall record than the Eagles, Northeastern has won fewer Hockey East games. Both teams will be motivated tonight to show that they deserve to be number one. This should also be an interesting game because Northeastern fans are having a hissy fit over the fact that a chunk of their student section was removed last night for continuing to yell sexually explicit chants. So chances are BC will be playing in an extra obnoxious atmosphere tonight... which would only make victory that much sweeter.


Who: Boston College Eagles (7-5-1, 7-1-0 HEA) at

Northeastern Huskies (7-3-1, 5-1-0 HEA)

When: Saturday, November 18 @ 7:00 PM

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

How to Watch: (x)

How to Listen: WEEI 850 AM or

Live Stats: (x)

How to Follow: @BCHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @JoeGrav, @ArthurBailin, @Caligraphy15. (Most of the writers will be at the football game tonight, but Laura will be holding down the fort at Matthews Arena & Steven will be tweeting from BCI.)


Goals per game: BC: 2.4 NU: 4.1

Opponent goals per game: BC: 2.6 NU: 2.5

Power play conversion: BC: 14.0% NU: 26.4%

Penalty kill: BC: 83.9% NU: 78.4%

Penalties per game: BC: 6.0 NU: 4.7

Face-off win percentage: BC: 51.5% NU: 47.9%

Ice Cream of the Game

Many of our other previews feature a beverage of the game, but this year we’ll be picking an ice cream dessert of the game for MIH games. Why, you ask? Because when Jerry York got the BC coaching job, he went out for ice cream sundaes to celebrate.

Head over to the Emack and Bolio’s at Fenway after the MIH game to wait for all your friends to get out of the football game!

Cat Predictions

Every game, we have the cats of the Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter (located right across from BC at 30 Undine Road) predict the outcome of the games. The Gifford Cat Shelter is the oldest cageless, no-kill shelter in the USA.

The cats are asleep again but please enjoy this photo of my foster cat, Yorkie.

Human Predictions

Laura: BC 3, NU 2 (Someone has to be optimistic)

Grant: NU 3, BC 1

Steven: NU 3, BC 2

Arthur: NU 5, BC 0

Prediction Standings (3 points for the 100% correct score, 2 points for the correct outcome & goal differential, 1 point for the correct outcome)

Grant: 14

Laura: 12

Arthur: 12

Steven: 7

Cats: 3

Eaglekeeper: 2

AJ: 1

Share your prediction in the comments!