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Weekly Kickoff: UConn At Fenway Park

The Eagles Yearly FCS Game Comes Early

Fresh off a deflating loss to N.C. State, Boston College luckily will rebound with their yearly FCS game against the Yukon Huskies. It’s been a tough year for Randy Edsall and his Huskies who have amassed a stellar 3-7 record, which given their recent history is a giant step in the right direction. They are 93rd in the country in scoring, and 129th in defense which shows how well balanced this team is.

How have P6 Powerhouse played lately Let’s go backwards in time starting with the most current game.

  • Lost to UCF 49-24. Actually battled well against the Top 15 team who hasn’t played anyone, until they let up 21 points in the 4th quarter. Allowed 500+ yards of offense. UCF would have won the CONNFlict Trophy but Bob Diaco threw it in the trash on his way out.
  • Lost to USF 37-20. Randy Edsall’s high octane defense allowed over 600 yards of offense. If the score looked close here is the win probability according to

Lost To Mizzou 52-12. Allowed over 550 yards of offense. Actually led the game 2-0 before the wheels fell off.

Defeated 2-6 Tulsa 20-14. Somehow in a game UConn should have won by a lot, they only managed 20 points against the 128th defense in the country. Good job!

Defeated Temple 28-24. Hey UConn’s one nice win of the season. Congratulations and pat yourself on the back.

Lost to Memphis 70-31. Memphis had over 700 yards of offense in this game.

Lost to SMU 49-28. I could mock their defense in this one, but I’d like to point out that UConn had -8 rushing yards in the entire game.

Lost to ECU 41-38. The Pirates are hot garbage, with only two wins this year. One against BYU and sneaking past Yukon with almost 600 yards of offense.

Lost to UVA 38-18. Remember that team BC pummeled a few weeks ago? UConn’s defense made them look like they were run by Chip Kelly as they amassed almost 600 yards of offense.

Defeated Holy Cross 27-20. It took UConn until the end of the 4th quarter to actually put away Patriot League powerhouse Holy Cross and were actually down 20-7 at the half. An exciting way to start the season and restart the Randy Edsall era.

So there you have it. The much improved UConn Huskies. Three wins, one against a garbage ECU team, one a tight one against FCS juggernaut Holy Cross, and a nice win against Temple. The UConn fans can beat their chests all they want, and call this their Super Bowl, but let’s be realistic here. AJ Dillon is going to run for a billion yards, and the Eagles will win this game easily and be bowl eligible for the 4th time in 5 years.

I can’t wait for this game to be over, I am already sick of talking about UConn.