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BC Softball Announces Class of 2022

On Thursday, the early National Signing Day period finished and saw head softball coach Ashley Obrest sign seven players to her class of 2022.

The players are Susannah Anderson, Gianna Boccagno, Camryn Dolby, Kristin Giery, Maddison Hamilton, Ellie Mataya, and Carlie Sanders. Anderson, Dolby, and Giery will all be capable of pitching for the Eagles, and every one of the seven can play multiple positions, except for Dolby, who’s a PO. Anderson and Boccagno played for the same travel team, as did Dolby and Giery, so there is some familiarity amongst the girls. Almost all of the girls have won state championships with their respective high school teams and have played a huge role in doing so.

Ashley Obrest is extremely excited to be adding these seven student athletes to an already successful program saying, “We have searched the country for the best student-athletes that would fit our culture, program, and institution and we could not be happier with adding these seven young ladies to Boston College Softball!”

Welcome to the Heights!