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Boston College Men’s Hockey vs. Vermont Preview

Let’s keep those wins coming!

Miami v  Boston College Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This weekend, BC men’s hockey heads to Vermont for 2 games as the Eagles look to keep their winning streak alive. BC is coming off wins against UConn and Merrimack, while Vermont just split a series with UConn. The Eagles certainly have the skills to come away with 2 wins, but youth and difficulty finishing shooting chances could create challenges. Another big storyline for BC will be Casey Fitzgerald, who did not play on Tuesday. Fitzgerald is huge for BC in terms of both defense and offense, in addition to being one of the team’s strongest leaders. Getting Fitzgerald back would help the Eagle’s chances a significant amount.


Who: Boston College Eagles (4-5-1, 4-1-0 HEA) at

Vermont Catamounts (3-5-1, 1-1-1 HEA)

Game 1

When: Friday, November 11 @ 7:00 PM

Where: Burlington, VT

How to Watch: (x)

How to Listen: WEEI 850 AM or

Live Stats: (x)

How to Follow: @BCHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @JoeGrav, @ArthurBailin, @Caligraphy15.

Game 2

When: Saturday, November 11 @ 7:00 PM

Where: Burlington, VT

How to Watch: (x)

How to Listen: WEEI 850 AM or

Live Stats: (x)

How to Follow: @BCHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @JoeGrav, @ArthurBailin, @Caligraphy15.


Goals per game: BC: 1.9 UVM: 2.6

Opponent goals per game: BC: 2.8 UVM: 3.0

Power play conversion: BC: 13.2% UVM: 20.5%

Penalty kill: BC: 81.6% UVM: 90.2%

Penalties per game: BC: 6.0 UVM: 5.6

Face-off win percentage: BC: 51.5% UVM: 48.8%

Ice Cream of the Game

Many of our other previews feature a beverage of the game, but this year we’ll be picking an ice cream dessert of the game for MIH games. Why, you ask? Because when Jerry York got the BC coaching job, he went out for ice cream sundaes to celebrate.

I mean.. it’s Vermont. Just get any kind of Ben & Jerry’s.

Cat Predictions

Every game, we have the cats of the Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter (located right across from BC at 30 Undine Road) predict the outcome of the games. The Gifford Cat Shelter is the oldest cageless, no-kill shelter in the USA.

[Cat Predictions to come]

Human Predictions

Laura: BC 4, UVM 2 and BC 3, UVM 1

Grant: BC 2, UVM 1 and UVM 4, BC 1

Steven: BC 2, UVM 1 and BC 2, UVM 2

Arthur: BC 3, UVM 1 and BC 3, UVM 2.

Prediction Standings (3 points for the 100% correct score, 2 points for the correct outcome & goal differential, 1 point for the correct outcome)

Grant: 11

Laura: 8

Arthur: 8

Steven: 4

Cats: 3

AJ: 1

Eaglekeeper: 0

Share your prediction in the comments!