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Preview and Predictions for BC’s Season Opener against Maine

Basketball is back on the Heights tonight, with a non-conference matchup with the Maine Black Bears.

Maine hasn’t been much of a challenge in recent years, going 3-13 in the America East Conference last year. Like BC, they are near the bottom of their respective conference and have been chasing stability and winning recently.

Keys to Beating the Black Bears

  1. Control the glass. BC is not a very big team, so it has been pushed around in the paint over the last few years. However, against a subpar mid-major program, there’s no reason that the Eagles should be pushed around today. They should attack the glass and win the rebounding battle handily.
  2. Win the 3-Point Battle. A smaller team, Maine will try to get out in transition and shoot lots of threes. Obviously, that’s what the Eagles try to do as well. If the Eagles can do it as well or better, they should win this game handily. If not, well, it could be too close for comfort.
  3. Limit Turnovers. The best way to get out and run is to force turnovers and get easy buckets. If BC has too many turnovers, Maine could get easy baskets, build some confidence, and it could be a real ballgame. If the Eagles take care of the ball and force turnovers defensively, it could be an ugly showing for Maine.


Matt: 83-58 Eagles. Teddy Hawkins and Steffon Mitchell make a huge difference for the Eagles and they take care of business. No repeats of Nicholls State, Fairfield, or Hartford from last year.

Toppin: 80-64 BC

Katie: 75-60 BC

Hoff: 85-64 BC

Food and Non-Alcoholic Drink to Enjoy During the Game:

Go to el Pelon on the way over to Conte and grab yourself a Jarritos, a tasty Mexican soda. It goes great with the hearty burritos, and my personal favorite, the chicken tostada.

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Matt O’Neil