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ESPN’s Mid-season All-America Team Surprise

There’s an Eagle on the team, but not who you might think

Central Michigan v Boston College
He’s in here somewhere
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

ESPN released its mid season All-American football team today and there is an Eagle on the team, but not one you might expect.

While Harold Landry was everyone’s preseason pick, it’s punter Mike Knoll who the college football writers on the worldwide leader in sports, chose to the team.

Knoll came to BC as the #1 rated place kicker in the country coming out of Walsh Jesuit High School in Stow, Ohio in 2014. He really struggled and was replaced as the place kicker, ultimately to resurface as a punter.

He gained a measure of notoriety in the Clemson game where he dropped six punts inside the Tiger 10 yard line.

Knoll along with the entire special teams unit (albeit Colton Lichtenberg has missed three of his last four FGs), has been the feel good story of the 2017 season to date.