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Guess The Attendance: BC - Virginia Tech

Will the ACC after dark get a big crowd?

Eagles - Hokies under the lights

Boston College continues its two game home stand with a visit from ACC Coastal rival, Virginia Tech. The Eagles and the Hokies are permanent cross-division opponents, having played each other every year but one since 1993.

So how many show up to see it on Homecoming Saturday!!

Let’s take a quick look at factors that might impact attendance:

Weather: Saturday’s weather forecast, which looked somewhat questionable at the beginning of the week, has now improved. Any rain that could come should be in the morning, with just clouds the rest of the day. Game time temps should be in the upper 60s, so in theory, one couldn’t ask for much more.

Interest: At this point, I am not sure what to say. It doesn’t appear that BC is generating any local interest and although Virginia Tech is a top 20 team, a lot of the starch got taken out of this one with the loss to Clemson last week. BC has sold out four of the twelve all time Hokie appearances in Chestnut Hill, the last in sell out in 2006.

Importance: For Virginia Tech, absolutely. The Hokies have a solid, but unspectacular schedule remaining, outside a trip to Miami and interesting tilts against Georgia Tech and Duke. They are very much still in the Coastal Division race and another chance at Clemson in the ACC title game, they have no room to slip up in this one.

For BC, this would be a chance to get one back that many thought they gave up against Wake Forest. It is a safe assumption that expectations are pretty low for this game, but getting this one, definitely puts bowl talk back on the burner for the Eagles.

Intrigue: For football aficionados, yes. BC was summarily waylaid last year in Blacksburg to the tune of 49-0, which of all the beat downs, was the most humbling and the most unexpected. Remember, BC was just a 6 12 point underdog heading into the game.

In particular, will Anthony Brown get it going against a Bud Foster defense that will look to harass and confuse and will the BC defense, which has been so good against the pass, be that way again facing a team that has been a very un-Hokie like 60/40 pass/run team.

Visiting Team travel: A fair amount. Virginia Tech doesn’t bring the body count that Clemson or Florida State does and doesn’t have a large local alumni base to draw from.

Game Time: At this time of the year, there is always the threat of running into a Red Sox game, but the ALDS schedule provides the Astros and Sox a travel day on Saturday and with the Patriots playing on Thursday night, BC has a rare captive audience in prime time. 7:15 allows full tailgating prior to the game and the weather should be comfortable even later on. The stars aligned with this one.

Other Things: Stub Hub isn’t necessarily the best gauge of ticket availability, but although tickets aren’t expensive on the site, they also aren’t that plentiful. Tickets are still available at the BC ticket office as well.

Homecoming at BC isn’t like it is many places. The school’s event calendar doesn’t list other events around it outside a tailgate at the game. Two people commented that they showed interest.

Last Five Virginia Tech Home Games

2015 - October 31 - 28,108

2013 - November 2 - 30,129

2012 - October 22 - 34,266

2010 - September 25 - 42,317

2008 - October 18 - 44,127

Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but there is a trend again, and although I usually stay out of predictions on this post, hard to see BC drawing below the 2015 figure.

So what do you think?


What will BC - Virginia Tech draw this Saturday?

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    25,001 - 30,000
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