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BC 35, FSU 3: The Key Play

So many touchdowns to choose from!

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Wow, sports are fun! I forgot what that was like.

We’ve had like 40 touchdowns in the last three weeks. It’s a whole lot more fun looking at a BC highlight rather than an opponent putting the nail in our coffin every week. It’s cool when we’re the ones holding the hammer!

6:57 remaining in the 2nd quarter
2nd & GOAL at the Florida State 4 yard line

Anthony Brown run for 4 yards — TOUCHDOWN

This was my favorite play from BC vs. Florida State. It wasn’t the prettiest play — that clearly goes to the reverse to Smith downfield to White... swoon — but it was the play that (1) showcased exactly what we’re hoping to get out of Anthony Brown, and (2) really turned this football game into a party.

Brown has used his feet a ton more the last few weeks, and while it is just a piece to the puzzle (hello, O-Line), it’s just opening everything up. And maybe just as impressive as his legs on this play is his decision-making and awareness. He goes through his reads and there’s just nothing there. Obviously not forcing a throw is nice, but his read of the lineman bearing down on him turns a sack for your average QB into a touchdown.

The reason Brown is able to get to the end zone is because he just tucks it and goes — none of this holding the ball out faking a pass and try and get the defense to play tentative. He just guns it and weaves through the space that’s there, which keeps FSU from keying in on him and closing off the space. Why hope to hold off the defense by waving the ball around when they’ve already given you the space? And Brown does great taking what he’s given.

It’s so rare that BC has a laugher of a football game. Forget against an ACC team — against anyone not from a town called Storrs. This game was over in a hurry:

Look at that chart! That’s insane! Even late in the 2nd quarter immediately after this touchdown, BC had a 90% chance of winning, and it got as low as 93.1% after FSU went three and out on the next drive. In the second quarter!

While you don’t usually want to see a bye while you’re hot, it’s doesn’t come at the worst time for the Eagles. Anthony Brown is a bit dinged up and could use the two full weeks of rest, plus BC gets two weeks of prep going into a (home!) game against the toughest game they’ll have the rest of the year.

Look out for the Eagles. If they can beat NC State, they’ve got a shot to turn this okay season into a very good one.